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                    Notice on online approval process for foreigner‘s work permit

                    發布時間:2020年02月01日 20:53

                    Notice on the Implementation of Online Approval Process for Matters related to Foreigner’s Work Permit in Shanghai

                    To those relevant entities,

                    To strengthen the prevention and control of the COVID-19, effectively minimize frequency of personnel gathering, and offer efficient online services for the sake of safety and health of people in Shanghai, this notice is hereby released:

                    I. To better cooperate with the COVID-19 prevention and control measures, it is convenient for the employers to apply for the administrative licensing procedures online. During the COVID-19 prevention and control period, we will temporarily implement online approval process for matters concerning Foreigner’s Work Permit. Specifically, the application for the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit (Categories B/C), the Extension of Foreigner’s Work Permit (Categories B/C), and all procedures of cancellation shall be handled online by the Employer based on the commitment system, without submitting any paper documents on-site for verification. For foreign high-end talents, the application for such matters as the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit, the Extension of Foreigner’s Work Permit, the Change of Foreigner’s Work Permit shall follow the original process, without submitting any paper documents on-site for verification.

                    II. It is recommended that foreigners who have obtained the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit, but have not yet entered China, should apply for a work visa (Z) in our embassies and consulates abroad. After obtaining the Z visa (the validity period of the Z visa is generally 3 months), foreigners can arrange the travel to China within the validity period according to the actual situation. At the same time, if the foreigner obtained a Z visa before the COVID-19 prevention and control period, and such Z visa expires for delayed travel to Shanghai due to the COVID-19. When the foreigner enters the country with other visa after the COVID-19 is over, the Employer shall specify in the submitted statement for recognition.

                    III. The approval authority shall strengthen interim and ex-post regulations, establish a file of employers’ credit and a list of employers’ false commitment. The Employer shall ensure that the documents submitted are authentic and valid, and actively cooperate with the verification for interim and ex-post regulation. For submission of any false documents or failure to provide any original documents, the approval authority may handle as the case may be, such as no application to any commitment-based approval (including salary commitment and “123” service commitment) and suspension of the employer or any agency from handling matters related to foreigner’s work permit. If an administrative license is obtained by fraud, the approval authority shall cancel the administrative decision in accordance with law.

                    IV. For avoidance of cross-infection and prevention of COVID-19 spread, the employer may consult information about any service or operation by such means as telephone hotlines, WeChat official account, or leaving a message on the website. Telephone Service Hotline: 8008205114 (Landline) / 4008205114 (Mobile Phone).

                    V. The Employer shall correctly wear a mask for personal protection when submitting documents at a reception window; please do timely inform the staff and stop the handling in case of any suspected COVID-19-related symptom, such as fever, cough, sore throat, or chest distress; please do take all documents and the discarded mask with you when leaving the reception window. 

                    This notice shall be implemented from the date of issue. After the COVID-19 is over, the execution termination time will be released separately.

                    Annex: Template: Commitment Letter of Online Handing of Matters Related to Foreigner’s Work Permit

                    Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

                    Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

                    February 1, 2020


                    Commitment Letter of Online Handing of Matters 

                    Related to Foreigner’s Work Permit

                    To Shanghai Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (and All Approval Authorities),

                    We (the Employer’s name XXX) have employed a foreigner, whose basic information is as below: 

                    Family name (XX), Given name (XX), Passport No. (XXX), Gender (XX), Nationality (XX), Date of birth (XXXX), etc. With the application No. for Foreigner’s Work Permit (310XXXXXXXXXXXXX) and the application type (XXXXX), we hereby apply for online handling.

                    We undertake to truthfully submit relevant documents which report the actual information, and shall be responsible for the authenticity of the substantial content in application documents. We are willing to accept relevant administrative penalty decisions and assume relevant legal liabilities on account of any false statement.

                    Contact Person: Name (the Employer’s staff)

                    Tel: Office phone or mobile phone:

                    Employer (affixed with the official seal)


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